Support details

General terms and conditions
  • Our support service is always directly related to a product (e.g. an extension) purchased at the Magento App Factory.
  • The service cannot be transfered to another product from the Magento App Factory.
  • We also cannot offer support if the product has not been declared compatile with the customer’s Magento edition / version.
  • Additionally, we cannot offer support for
    a) adapting third-party extensions installed on the customer’s Magento system,
    b) adapting our product to make it compatible with a third-party extension,
    c) retrieving, installing or configuring missing / incorrect Magento core data or settings.
Additional terms and conditions for paid support
  • When purchasing an extension at the Magento App Factory, the customer can select the duration of the support subscription (6 or 12 months).
  • Within the selected time period, the Magento App Factory gurantees to respond to initial support requests within 2 workdays (or less where applicable) except on german bank holidays (place of fulfillment: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany).
  • During the selected support subscription regular updates (e.g. bugfixes) are provided at no further cost.

Your support request

For your support request please use our contact form or send us an e-mail. This will ensure that your request can be processed by our support team as quickly as possible.

Please do not state your request via phone. If necessary, our support team will give you a call.

In your request, please state the extension’s name and the order number you received when purchasing the extension.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Your Magento App Factory team

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