Make Your Customers Happy With Magento 2 Free Gift Extension

  The e-commerce industry has been quick to flourish. This is why the competition is also quite tough. Online retailers have to strategize well in order to maintain their competitive advantage. For them, the functionality of the websites or web stores is highly significant. Customers need the right incentives to stay on the websites, browse, and shop. Fortunately, evolving digital trends have greatly helped e-commerce business owners with building productive websites. Magento is one of such digital platforms aiding online retailers to make the best out of their e-commerce businesses.  

Making the Best Out of the M2 Software

If you are already using the M2 software, then you have access to a plethora of tools to boost an online business. But what if we told you that it could become even better. Yes, you can experience a further increase in your website sales if you add the Magento 2 free gift extension. The feature of Magento 2 free gift with purchase provides your customer withanincentive to shop more from the website. Customers love free stuff. It is the oldest trick in the marketing book. It is not just an incentive to make customers buy a particular item from the store. It is also going to be quite helpful in the long run. The offer of free gifts with purchase items improves your overall reputation in the e-commercemarket. You are likely to encourage customer loyalty with such features so customers keep coming back. The question is if you can manage free promotions with as little effort as possible. With our free gift feature, e-commerce business owners can improve sales and profits with little effort.

How Does Our Free Gift Magento 2 Extension Works?

A digital website is quite difficult to maintain. Especially, when you have limited resources because of being a small venture. The idea of improving sales with free gift items with varying purchases may seem like a productive idea. However, it is difficult to implement without website-wide changes. Minor details have to be managed, which can take significant time and effort. The Magento 2 free gift with purchase feature automates the entire process for you. All you need is to add the free gift product extension to the website.  

Features of the Magento 2 Add Free Gift Extension

With our extension of free gift for Magento 2, e-commerce website owners will access to the following features:

·5 More Promo Actions

Enjoy these extra promo actions that are available with automated addition. Different promo actions work under varying conditions. One can add promo items with products, for the entire cart, for each Nth product (for example: after every 5thproduct, certain promo item is available), for a certain amount of money spent by the customer, etc. Business owners can create flexible conditions as well as add the same product as a promo item.

·Banners for Product Pages

Add beautiful banners to different product pages to prompt the customers or deliver information. You can customize the banners to add specific information and make them eye-catching. They can be added right above the ‘Add to Cart’ to attract customer attention. Instead of using the banners, additional texts can be displayed together.

·Efficient Extension

The extension automatically works for on the in-stock products; reducing the risk of inconvenience.

·Mobile and Coupon Optimization

The extension works for mobile versions of the website and supports coupon codes.

·Support Varying Product Types

The extension works effectively with different products types. Also, it provides the option to feature both free and non-free items.

·Purchase the Gift Items

Online business owners can increase their sales by offering the customers to add more of the gift item to their cart. If the customer like the promo item, they will able to purchase extra in addition to the gift with the help of the added extension.

·Multiple Gift Items

You can give your customers the freedomto choose their favoritegift item with the M2 extension. Set a set of promo items from which the customer will be able to choose upon purchase.

·Warning Dialogue Boxes

To increase convenience for yourself and the customer, you will be able to prompt the customer using dialogue boxes. This will work as a reminder in case the customer forgets to choose a gift item.

·Effective Support

Our M2 extension is quite simple to implement. Manyof the processesareautomated so little effort is required to set the rules. Compatibility is not an issue either. Multiple currencies, languages, and browsers are supported by this Magento 2 free gift extension. Installation and configuration areeasy enough that no intricate technological knowledge is required.

Why Should You Install the Free Gift Magento 2 Extension?

If you want to enjoy an even better control over the functionality of your M2 website while increasing sales, then our extension is the perfect add-onyou can install. Admins can customize the promotions and select the rules and conditions of their choice. There is a wide variety of customizable options so the admin has more freedom to optimize the sales. Install the extension to streamline your sales. If you have been experiencing positive results with the M2 software, it is time to reach the next level. Our extension eliminates the requirement of excessive admin effort. With such a collection of convenient options, you will have a more customer-friendly website ready in no time. Add promotions quickly like you have never been able to before. Update easily as your products and promotion strategies evolve. The next time you sit down to evaluate the sales growth, you won’t be disappointed.