Improve Your Online Store with Magento 2 Product Label Extension for Promotions

The appearance of your online store can greatly impact leads generation and sales conversion. The most minor changes can help improve customer attention and prompt purchase. With the Magento 2 product label extension, you can add beautiful labels across the product listing. Enhance customer’s interest by adding the most compatible product labels with any page design. New product, sale, discounted, and more labels are available. The Magento 2 product label images is a trusted method to improve the effectiveness of an online store. Here are the features an online store owner can enjoy with this extension:

Add Colorful Labels to Any Item

A variety of colorful images are available to use as promotions. You can easily find the most suitable one to match with any product on the website. Labels can also be designed by the website administrator. There is no limitation on the number of badges from the backend of the website. Whether you use the available designs or develop your own, there is an unlimited number of labels.

Use Flexible Conditions for Badges’ Display

Apply the conditions of your choice to customize the display of labels. For example, use a certain badge only if the price is higher than $5. The website manager can create unlimited rules for badges display to fit the store’s product.

Allow Setting the Priority Level for the Rules

If more than one rule applies to a single item, you can set a priority for them.

Installing Label Easily in Admin Panel

Want to quickly assign a product with a badge? The admin can simply install the required label from the admin panel. It reduces the time and hassle of making quick promotion like flash sales.

Fully Optimized For Mobile

All the Magento 2 product label images are compatible with the mobile versions of the website.

Set Up Labels on both Navigation and Product Pages

Create more chances of sale with the different positioning of labels. The Magento 2 images are capable of being placed on both the navigation and product pages.

Set Time Periods for Demonstration

You can decide when and how long a label appears on a certain product.

Create Different Labels for Each Store

Have more than one store based on Magento software? You can use the extension to design different labels for each store; depending on their varying strategy.

Use Variables to Customize Label Messages

Benefit from a variety of variables within the extension to design customized label messages. The feature of predefined variables makes it a quicker process of assigning text.

Additional Features

Why Buy This Magento 2 Extension?

The Magento 2 extension images are an easy way to attract customers and motivate for purchasing your product. Apart from enhancing your business performance, the website admin themselves will find the extension quite easy to use. Adding promotions to your website has never looked this easy. The extension allows easy label management. No more the admin has to deal with hassles of designing and positioning the labels according to requirements. The multiple features of the extension allow these tasks to be completed in an organized and quick manner. The best part of the Magento 2 product badge extension is that it requires very little technical knowledge. While incredibly easy to install, the management is quite simple too. Admin has full control over the varying features. Also, it is a simple process to enable or disable the extension from the backend of the website. The admin can also customize the use of the extension as needed by their online business. If you have been planning to upgrade the look of your website in order to make it more eye-catching, there is nothing easier and effective to use than the Magento 2 extension for featuring required promotions.