Optimize Your Website for Customers Using the Magento 2 Product Parts Finder Extension

Online businesses have become quite common in a number of industries. Nowadays, industries that could not have been imagined to establish an online business before are enjoying lucrative opportunities in e-commerce. This includes the industries dealing with heavy machinery, automobiles, technology, and similar products. While it is possible to develop a successful web store for such businesses, it requires a certain degree of optimization. The more customer-friendly these websites can be made, the better will be the leads generation and sales conversion. Products like automobiles and machinery often include multiple parts that can be bought separately from the same sites. These are also divided into different categories, models, and brands. Therefore, it can be difficult for customers to find what they want. A parts finder module can optimize the website in such a situation. As an e-commerce business owner, it is difficult to manage complicated processes to add a parts finder module. Instead, the  product parts finder extension is easier to install and use. The parts finder extension of the Magento platform can work great for automobiles and similar websites.  

Features of the Magento 2 Products Parts Finder

The Magento 2 product parts finder extension offers a variety of features that help the website to allow enhanced user experiences as well as support the administrator:  

Create Unlimited Finders for Search Products

The Magento 2 parts finder module can be used as an auto parts finder and similar attribute-based website. With an unlimited number of finders, admins can make the website easier to browse for the customers. Any product will be efficiently searchable even from a large database. With the extension, the admins can create finders for particular categories or all categories’ products. After any search, the products with finder display within the products listing. It is quite simple to create finders depending on the attributes of year, make, model and more.  

SEO-friendly URLs for Search Result Page

Each filter or collection of filters directs the customers to a certain page. The URLs of these pages are SEO-friendly. This means that a customer who has ever visited your website will be able to find it through Google or any other search engine if they run a search similar to the created filters.  

Ease of Use for Both Customer and Admin

The Magento 2 products parts finder creates ease of using the website for both the customer and admin. For the customers, results can be filtered from a single drop down selection or based on all the values selected in a drop-down list. Search is possible within a category or display-related items only. The option of applying multiple filters at a time is available as well as auto-save the selected filter options. For the website admin, it is possible to display finder in any page using template tag code, XML Code, and call via frontend template file. The parts finders can be shown on the homepage and category pages in the drop-down menus. It is also an option to choose a specific finder for the homepage and elsewhere. Admins can update or delete list of products from a dynamically loaded list. Admins can customize filter display. For example, they can filter single-category products and display result of one category only. The option of redirecting to the specific product page when only one product is there in finder result can be selected. This ensures an effective user experience by saving time. Also, add multiple selection option to each filter.  

Customization of the Finders

The extension is highly feasible due to its customization option. Each Magento 2 products parts finder can be customized according to the website’s requirements.

Fully Optimized for Mobile

Your website’s user experience can come considerably down if it is not optimized for mobile devices. With the Magento 2 product parts finder extension, the finders can be optimized to work with the mobile version of the websites as well.  

Additional Feature of the Magento 2 Products Parts Finder

Why Should You Install the Parts Finder Module for your Magento Website?

The parts finder extension for Magento 2 will greatly increase the efficiency of your Magento-based website. Quickly searching for desired products will no longer be a hassle for your customers, which means not only an enhanced user experience but fewer queries to answer. It allows integrating quick search capability on home, category, and CMS pages at any desired point. Multiple other such customization options give the admin increased control on how to easily manage a website. With easy configuration of the attributes at the backend and the use of unlimited filter options, web store will experience increased performance. Despite large database, you will be able to organize better and provide customers with a smooth browsing and purchase experience. If you own a website that features a large database of products; especially divided into multiple categories, it is a smart option to use a parts finder module. Instead of getting into complicated coding for each product and added filter, make your life easier as an e-commerce admin with the Magento 2 product parts finder extension. Not only it will make your work easier but customers are more likely to purchase if they find what they need easily.