German store config for Magento CE

German store config for Magento CE



A preconfigured Magento CE installation for German Merchants.

This package is an extended Magento CE
It provides a slightly modified installation process, a form to enter all relevant store data in one place which is displayed on first admin user login. On completion of the form, caches are disabled and indices are refreshed.

  1. PHP >= 5.2.0
  2. MySQL >= 5.0.0
Installation Instructions
  1. Copy the contents of the ZIP file to your htdocs directory
  2. Run Installation process as usual
  3. Log into admin, fill out and submit displayed form
  1. Remove all files from your Magento installation
  2. Delete the database
Special Thanks to
  • Magento Inc. for Magento Community Edition
  • Thomas Fleck and Magento App Factory for ideas, cooperation, marketing and support
  • the FireGento team for GermanSetup and FireGento_Pdf
  • Rico Neitzel and Daniel Sasse for the German Language Pack
  • Phoenix Media and ITABS for the payment modules
  • Fabian Blechschmidt for ideas regarding the default configuration

For more information about this project and its progress or technical questions please see this page.

Your benefits

A few useful and preconfigured modules are shipped with the distribution:

  • German Language Pack
  • FireGento_GermanSetup
    for base settings and adjustments for the German market
  • FireGento_Pdf
    to create better PDF invoices
  • PRWD_Autoshipping
    for displaying shipping costs in cart even when no shipping address is entered yet
  • Phoenix_CashOnDelivery
    Payment Method
  • Mage_Debit
    Payment Method
  • IntegerNet_RemoveCustomerAccountLinks
    for hiding unneeded links in customer account
  • AvS_AdminNotificationAdvanced
    for better handling of notifications
  • AvS_ScopeHint
    to show conflicts in configuration

On top, some core modules are disabled which are not needed for typical German Shops:

  • Mage_Usa
  • Mage_PaypalUk
  • Mage_GoogleCheckout
  • Mage_Tag
  • Mage_ProductAlert
  • Mage_Authorizenet
  • Mage_Centinel
  • Mage_Compiler
  • Mage_XmlConnect

Magento Compatibility

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
1.7 N/A

License Terms

OSL – Open Software Licence 3.0 – see


If you have questions, please send us a message via our contact form.


This extension was developed by integer_net GmbH.

integer_net GmbH

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