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Surely you are familiar with the problem that the website has to be refreshed every time a product is added to the shopping basket or removed from it. This costs time and nerves and, in the worst case, it can lead your customers to cancelling the shopping process. The shopping cart app developed by aheadWorks solves this problem.

The extension updates the site automatically when products are added to or removed from the shopping cart. As a result, the customer perceives the shopping as faster which can improve the shopping experience and thus increase the conversion rate. The customer can also decide whether to go back to the article view or to view the shopping cart after adding a new product. The annoying need to press the Back button is now a thing of the past, the shopping process can continue without interruption.

Get a closer look at how fast and smooth shopping with the new Magento shopping cart app works.

Your benefits

  • Use the automatic update function of the the site when products are added to or removed from the shopping cart
  • Determine the position of the progress bar (centred, top, bottom, none)
  • Add an animation effect when the shopping cart updates (dull, growing, blinking, none)
  • The AJAX activity indicator enables you to overwrite an activity
  • Through “activity windows” you can activate or deactivate pop-ups with product names, “Continue shopping”, “View shopping cart” or “Proceed to checkout”
  • Benefit from our excellent support
  • You will receive an invoice with accounted value-added tax

Magento Compatibility

Community Edition Enterprise Edition, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7 1.12

License Terms

The following license terms apply to this article:

Licensing per Magento instance / Magento installation

Every license purchased entitles the customer to install and use the extension on a Magento instance. The number of used URLs or shops within your Magento installation is not relevant, which makes a single license sufficient even for a multi store setup. In addition, you are permitted to use the extension on an associated test or staging installation and related development installation.


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