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You would like to get more out of your Magento reports? Then we have the right extension for you. The app “Magento Advanced Reports” improves the functionality of the original Magento reports and gives you a complete overview of your business situtation.

With the app you can retrieve various product data and weekly comprehensive information and display geographical data. The number of reports can be increased continually thanks to more and more new add-ons. With the help of the extension you can not only get more sales information than ever before, you can also use the gathered information to draw conclusions on the state your business is in. Whether you want to break down the reports by countries, hours, days of the week or other criteria, Magento “Erweiterte Berichte” helps you to obtain a complete picture of your business situation in no time with just a few clicks. The extension “Magento Advanced Reports” contains numerous predefined reporting periods including today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last week (Monday-Sunday), the last business week (Monday-Friday), this month, last month, a custom period.

Get a closer look at what kinds of reports you can create with the extension.

Your benefits

  • Create bestsellers reports. This report represents information on those products your customers have bought most often over a given period.Take advantage of Sales by Hour reports. This kind of report helps you with the hourly evaluation of sold products.
  • Come to appreciate that you can create a report for every day of the week.
  • Use reports like Sales by Product or Sales by Country. They offer a detailed evaluation by product or by country in which the product was bought.
  • Benefit from the numerous filter options each reports offers.
  • Use the graphic representation of all report types
  • Create an user activity report. This report enables you to survey customers’ activities (e.g. new accounts, orders, reviews).
  • Benefit from our excellent support
  • You will receive an invoice with accounted value-added tax

Magento Compatibility

Community Edition Enterprise Edition, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7 1.12

License Terms

The following license terms apply to this article:

Licensing per Magento instance / Magento installation

Every license purchased entitles the customer to install and use the extension on a Magento instance. The number of used URLs or shops within your Magento installation is not relevant, which makes a single license sufficient even for a multi store setup. In addition, you are permitted to use the extension on an associated test or staging installation and related development installation.


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